Why BizeBee Academy?

Work From Home This is 100% Virtual- You work a flexible schedule allowing you to balance your family and your new career.

Stay Ahead– More and More businesses are looking for Virtual Assistants- You will be ahead of the curve.

Advance Your Skills The skills you learn will also help you land your dream job or enhance you skills. You can take these skills with you anywhere your career takes you.

Beyond The Box- Freedom of Creativity: You will have the ability to showcase your creativity and apply it to helping your clients succeed.


 BizEBee Virtual Assistants started out as a Virtual assistant company looking for Talented Virtual Assistants. We realized that many people wanted to start a new career as a Virtual Assistant but did not have the needed experience or training. We designed a training program to solve that very issue. At BizEBee, we have decades of combined experience that we want to share with you. Our methods and systems are proven to be successful and efficient.


BizEBee Virtual Assistants is always looking for talent to grow our team. When you are finished with your training you have the option to apply with our company.

We will also help you find your dream job or teach you how to market yourself as a Virtual Assistant.

After the program completion, we offer a Mentoring Program-  this will give you the ongoing support to continually increase your skills and knowledge.