The Magic of Tidying Up

If you are like most people, keeping your house in order, along with papers and clothes, is not an easy task. The other day my sister called me and said “This book I am reading is changing my life!”  She was so excited about it that I just had to see for myself. So what book was it?

The book she was reading was “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.” So I checked it out from the library and got down to business. This book is based on the Japanese art of decluttering and organizing, and is really inspirational as you read it. The beginning is mainly an introduction about how people remain cluttered no matter what they do and how normally “organizing” isn’t the best way. By the time I hit Chapter 2 I was hooked!

The first section is about your clothes and how to go through them and effectively keep what you want. The next section goes through how to manage your book collection and determine which books really make you happy. Then it goes on to go through a variety of other topics. It covers everything from paper to miscellaneous items that you have tucked away in random drawers and baskets.

This book is amazing for teaching the way to find the perfect amount of items that should be in your home. I highly recommend it for anybody looking to live a life with only the things that make them happy surrounding them. This would be great for anybody selling their home to get the decluttering process started, as well as for anybody getting ready to move into a new home and get a fresh start.

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