Are you spending an hour a day calling your leads?

Do some of your leads slip through the cracks?

When has the last time you spoke to your SOI or past clients?

BizEBee Virtual Assistants has experienced calls that will help making sure no lead gets forgotten. They will nurture that lead util the are ready to schedule a meeting with the Real Estate Agent. There are numerous types of calling we can do:

Expired Listings- Conversion rates for expired listings are very high. These leads want to sell quickly and are more will to meet with another agent.

FSBO- Conversion rates for scheduling appointments for FSBOs are high, but only because the want a Real Estate Agent to come and look at their home. They require regular follow up to convert.

SOI- With Sphere of Influence calling, you will not see immediate results but strong long term relationships. This type of calling is all about staying in contact with people who can lead to referrals or repeat business.

Buyer/Seller- This calling is very effective, but requires a lead source.