3 Step to Back to School Prep!

Whether your kids go to public school, private school, college, or homeschool, it is coming upon time for the back to school routine. Are you ready? I have some tips on how to get ready, organized, and excited about back to school! 1. First thing is first, get out your planner. Start by writing down […]

Free Summer Fun

Summer is in full swing and I am sure you are trying to think of fun things that everybody can enjoy. The great part about summer is that almost everything can be free, or very close to it! I have gathered some ideas of things you can do for free. Some may not be available […]

Face Your Fear

When you think about different opportunities in your life, do you let fear take over? Are a few of the thoughts that run through your mind, “Will I do enough?,” “What if it doesn’t work out?,” or even “What if I lose money instead of make money?.” Sometimes our fears can prevent us from taking […]

The Magic of Tidying Up

If you are like most people, keeping your house in order, along with papers and clothes, is not an easy task. The other day my sister called me and said “This book I am reading is changing my life!”  She was so excited about it that I just had to see for myself. So what […]

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is coming up next weekend. Are you a mom who just wants a little bit of a break? Do you just want to have some special family time? Do you have a mom that you want to make feel special? I have ideas for these situations! First, let’s cover the fact the moms […]

Energy Efficiency Tips for Summer

Summer is coming and if you are looking for ways to not only help the environment, but help your electric bill, I can help! There are many things you can do to make your home more energy efficient without breaking the bank. Windows can be a huge source of energy loss. The seals do go […]

Fun and Cheap Spring Break Ideas

For many of you, it is Spring Break time! Some people book exotic and faraway vacations. Some of you have to work and find Spring Break care for your kids. Others have some extra time off to spend with the kids, but are looking for fun and cheap Spring Break Ideas. Get Outside Getting outside […]

Easy April Fools’ Pranks

It is April 1st tomorrow, and you all know what that means! Time for pranks and fun. This has been a long time tradition that grows stronger every year. There are everything from major pranks, to easy and harmless pranks. I have gathered some easy April Fools’ pranks for you to try out! Pranks for […]

The Best Vegetables for Container Gardening

Last week we talked about Spring Cleaning. Another thing to start thinking about with spring, is gardening. Are you an avid gardener and have a huge, beautiful garden? Or do you have limited space and time for a garden? I currently have the room for a full garden, but I haven’t had much success, so […]